Battle of Kannauj

Battle of Kannauj 1540

For one year, the two sides consolidated their forces. In May 1540, the armies met once again opposite Kannauj and the Mughal Empire was put to an end for a while.

At Kannauj, the Afghans were able to scatter the Mughal army, which mere by panic, fled in confusion. Humayun again escaped from the battle field and from that day , for next 15 years he lived like a wanderer.

Via the deserts of Thar, he reached Sind where he lived for 3 years. Here, he fell in love with Hamida, a 15 year old girl, who was daughter of a sheikh of his brother. In 1542, on October 15, Hamida gave birth to Akbar, who would become the most adorable emperor of India, only after Asoka.

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