Battle of Gagron

Battle of Gagron 1519

The first major battle of Rana Sanga was the “Battle of Gagron” in 1519, with Sultan Mahmood of Malwa. Sultan Mahmood was trounced and taken prisoner in the war. Rana Sanga extended traditional chivalry and benevolence to him. Sultan Mahmud was treated like a guest and his kingdom was restored to him by the Rana.

  • Before the battle of Gagron, Ibrahim Lodi also engaged with Rana Sanga in “Battle of Khatoli and Bari” in which Ibrahim Lodi’s forces were defeated. This enmity kept Rana Sanga neutral in the Battle of Khanwa, otherwise Babur could be defeated.

Babur’s Preparations

Babur sent small cavalry to test the courage of Rajputs. The Rajputs slaughtered and reduced this cavalry to pieces.

The armies of Babur camped at Sikri, which later became capital of his grandson. A force from Bayana got with them here. The preparations took 25 days.

  • It was at this point that Babur renounced wine and poured out liquor on the ground.
  • He called his chiefs, who got disheartened by hearing the stories of the Rajput chivalry and prediction by a foolish astrologer that Rajputs cannot be won over,
  • Here Babur made another resolution to stay in the battle field till their bodies are parted from their souls.

A peace talk was initiated in which Shiladitya represented the Rajputs. The talks failed and this triggered the “Battle of Khanwa”

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