Battle of Chausa

Battle of Chausa 1539

In the battlefield of Chausa, the imperial army was checked by Sher shah. The two forces camped opposite each other, but none of the two warranted an attack for two months. In these two months the Mughal forces suffered the scarcity of food and supply, leading death of cattle and horses. In the desperate situation, Humayun opened the negotiations and arrangement for a treaty was made.

As per this treaty, Sher Shah was to retain Bengal and parts of Bihar. In return, he would give recognition to emperor and accept his suzerainty.

The men from two armies on the point of this possible settlement started coming on friendly terms and all of a sudden there was a blast. One fine day, on the break of the dawn the Afghans struck the unsuspecting Mughals from all sides. Many of the Mughal soldiers were slain in sleep, few killed mounted on horses.

Humayun was saved by a Bhisti, who supported him on his water skin across the river Ganga. Most of the army was drawn in Ganga or captured or killed and the luckless emperor of India came almost alone to Agra in 1539.

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