Battle of Buxar

Battle of Buxar October 22, 1764

On October 22-23, 1764, the decisive Battle of Buxar was fought. The belligerents were the East India Company on one side and combined forces of Mir Kasim, Shah Aalam II and Shuja-ud-Daula. The combined forces had 40000 soldiers and the British Forces had 18000 forces. The three separate allies could not coordinate in a better way and got defeated.

  • The British won this Battle of Buxar under the command of Major Hector Munro.
  • After this battle, Shah Aalam II submitted to the British.
  • Nawab Shuja-ud-Daula fled from the scene and took refuse to Rohilla.
  • Mir Kasim also fled and died a few years later in extreme obscurity.

Clive was in England when Battle of Buxar was fought and won by the British. In 1765, Clive returned styled Lord Clive as Governor General of Bengal for the second time. By this time, the British had shown their military supremacy in India for, the Battle of Buxar was tough contested bout, than the Battle of Plassey which was won by deceit. Battle of Buxar ended with Treaty of Allahabad.

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