Bangkok Conference : June 1942

As decided in the Tokyo conference, the Bangkok conference was held and here the Indian Independence League was again constituted.

Rash Bihari Bose was to chair the council, while K.P.K Menon, Nedyam Raghavan were among the civilian members of the council. Mohan Singh was to be the INA’s members. A 34 point resolution was passed by which the Indian National Army was made subordinate to the Indian Independence League.

  • The resolution expected the Japanese government to respond to each point. This resolution said that the Japanese Government should clearly, explicitly and publicly recognize India as an independent nation.
  • It also demanded that the Japanese Government should recognize the league as the nation’s representatives and guardians.
  • The resolution demanded assurances from the Japanese Government on Free India’s relation with Japan, respect for her sovereignty and her territorial integrity.
  • The resolution further demanded that the Indian National Army should be accorded the status of an allied army and be treated as such, and that all Indian Prisoners of Wars be released to the INA.
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