August Offer 1940

When the Congress ministries in the Provinces resigned, the British arose and wanted to get support of the Congress for war. In March 1940, Congress met at Ramgarh in Bihar in its annual session. He Congress passed a resolution offering the British Government support in war, if a provisional National Government is setup at Centre.

This was responded by Lord Linlithgow in the sort of a proposal which is called August Offer.

The august Offer turned down the demand of the Congress to set up a national Government at the center but proposed the following:

  1. After the war, a representative “Constitution Making Body” shall be appointed immediately after the war.
  2. The number of the Indians in the Viceroy’s Executive council will be increased.
  3. A war advisory Council would be set up.

    The Congress did not approve the August Offer. Jawahar Lal Nehru said that the whole idea was “dead and doornail”. The Muslim League said that it will not be satisfied with anything short of partition of India.

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