Area Coverage under major Crops In India

The area under coverage changes from season to season and there is no fixed areas under which the crops are cultivated. However, There is a normal area coverage which is average of the data of many years. The following table shows the average area under cultivation for both Rabi & Kharif Crops.


Normal Area Under coverage

Rabi Crops


266 Lakh Hectares  

Rabi Pulses  

107 Lakh Hectares  

Rabi Oil seeds  

79 Lakh hectares  

Rabi Coarse cereals  

66.8 Lakh Hectares  

Kharif Crops  


391.17 lakh Hectares

Kharif Coarse cereals

226.54 lakh hectares


91.81 lakh hectares


63.7 lakh hectares


42.08 lakh hectares


83.73 lakh hectares


43.54 lakh hectares

Kharif Oil Seeds  

158.93 lakh hectares

Ground Nut  

20.69 lakh hectares

Kharif Pulses  

111.70 lakh hectares

Please note that the above figures are indicative for your reference and don’t correspond to a particular season. The data has been taken from DAC.

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