Anthropological Survey of India

The Anthropological Survey of India was established in 1945. It conducts bio-cultural investigation/ research on Indian population, collects and preserves documents of scientific interest about the people of India. The Survey through its anthropological research contributes in respect of the biological, social and cultural heritage of the country.

Functions and Powers

The Anthropological Survey of India is a premier research organisation under the Ministry of Culture. It has headquarters at Kolkata and branches in Port Blair, Shillong, Dehra Dun, Udaipur, Nagpur, and Mysore in addition to two field stations at Jagdalpur and Ranchi.

The main objectives of the organization:

  • To study the tribes and other communities that form the population of India both from the biological and cultural point of view
  • To study and preserve the human skeletal remains, both from modern and Archaeological.
  • To collect samples of arts and crafts of the tribes of India.
  • To function as a training center for advanced students in anthropology and for administration.
  • To publish the results of the researches.