Anil Kakodkar Committee Recommendations

The report of the high-level safety review committee under the Chairmanship of former chairman of Atomic Energy Commission  Anil Kakodkar was submitted in February 2012.

The Kakodkar Committee has made a slew of recommendations of which some of the key ones are:

  • Stopping the practice of introduction of new trains without commensurate inputs to the infrastructure
  • Having a statutory Railway Safety Authority and measures to strengthen the present Railway Safety Commission to undertake meaningful regulatory inspections
  • Setting up a Railway Research and Development Council at the apex level directly under the government. This council should have Advance Railway Research Institute and five railway research centres for key safety-related railway disciplines
  • Adoption of an advanced signalling system based on continuous track circuiting and cab signalling similar to European train control system Level-II
  • Total elimination of all level crossings (manned and unmanned) within five years.

The estimated cost of the implementation of Kakodkar recommendations was Rs. One Lakh Crore.

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