Alipore Conspiracy Trial 1908-1909

Prior to this trial, there were raids on the members of the Anushilan Samiti. The documents such as letters were seized from the house of Arubindo Ghosh and he was arrested and lodged in Alipore Jail. Khudi Ram Bose was meanwhile arrested. The trial continued two years and finally Khudi Ram was hanged.

  • Chitranjan Das, one of the prominent barristers of the day defended and saved Sri Arubindo.

Barindra Ghosh and Ullaskar Dutt were sentenced to rigorous imprison and they were released in 1920.

The above series of bombing, shooting and trials had started the era of revolutionary terrorism in the country. The focus of these revolutionaries was to kill and send to hell to those British and Indian Officers who were oppressive. For fund raising, they resorted to Dacoity, which was called Swadeshi Dacoity.

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