10 Questions about GKToday and GKToday Masters

Introduction to GKToday Masters Here

  1. Will The GK Today Masters Replace GKToday?
    We shall keep continue working for our “Karmabhoomi” GKToday, in fact with more improvements and addition of new sections. All readers shall get a daily quiz, daily updates and mega quizzes. Everything like before with some more quality added to it.
  2. Will the quality of the quizzes / questions go down?
    No, GKToday will never have questions of sub quality and in fact we have plans to improve day by day. The readers who are following GKToday for last 8 months must have observed the improvements.
  3. Then, why GKToday Masters?
    GKToday is a complete blog for all exams and we don’t wish it to be tagged as a Civil Services Blog. We wish to put model question papers, previous question papers, mock interviews, vocabulary practices, English Grammar tests, Reasoning, Mental ability and info about forthcoming exams apart from updates and tips and tricks. So this is a common platform for us to work for a general category of readers. We wish to put some tests for all exams which are coming in near future. That is why there was a need to create special virtual classroom for IAS exam which is the specialty of the author.
  4. If I subscribe for GKToday Masters will I receive the same content in printable form which is published in GKToday?
    No, the content will be more elaborated. This is going to be a superfast learning process which requires the readers to keep the pace with the learning. This means that if you don’t follow for one week, you will definitely lag behind. The test of Sunday will judge whether you have studied in the previous week or not.
  5. Is it possible to read by two or more people, by same invitation?
    Yes, the Gmail address / Google Account is invited. This means that more than one people can read with the email id and password which is in our list of invited readers. If two people subscribe jointly they can access with a common email account. (but not simultaneously) . The invited readers will sign in using their Google accounts.
  6. How much time I shall need to use Internet daily?
    Net facility will be required for 10/ 15 minutes daily. You can print the content and read offline wherever you are.
  7. Can I share the content with my Friends?
    It’s up to you. You may share it with your friends but can’t redistribute republish anywhere.
  8. Can I access the blog for one month and discontinue afterwards if I don’t like?
    Yes, If you feel that you are not comfortable, You are free to leave anytime. There are no sales tricks.
  9. I wish to follow the GKToday Masters for few days before I decide to go for payment. Is that Possible?
    Yes, that is possible. In fact we are going to put all the content for initial days to be accessible to everybody in Demo GKToday Masters. This means that we start paid subscriptions after some time. We are not in hurry but wish to create a professional & successful organization
  10. How to make sure that once we make payments we receive the content every day?
    Initially you will be making payment on monthly basis. Once we charge, it becomes a contract and we have to honor the contract in any case. Since this is an experiment, we are flexible and careful.
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