Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge Questions


Which of the following district of Himachal Pradesh is known as “Chhota Kashi”?

Mandi is one of the central districts of Himachal Pradesh state in northern India.It is not connected to any other state of India.It is also known as Chhota Kashi bacause of large number of pilgramage sites located in the district.


Who is the present Governor of Himachal Pradesh?
[A]Acharya Dev Vrat
[B]Kalyan Singh
[C]Prabha Rau
[D]Urmila Singh

Acharya Dev Vrat
Acharya Dev Vrat is the incumbent Governor of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.Mr. Vrat (56), an educationist steeped in Indian Vedic culture and traditions took the oath in chaste Sanskrit. Acharya Dev Vrat was sworn in as the Governor of Himachal Pradesh in August 2015.


Which of the following river does not originate in Himachal Pradesh?
[A]Chenab River
[B]Beas River
[C]Sutlej River
[D]Ravi River

Sutlej River
The Sutlej River is the longest of the five rivers that flow through the historic crossroads region of Punjab in northern India and Pakistan.The source of the Sutlej is near Lake Rakshastal in Tibet.


Himachal Pradesh was transformed from a union territory to a state in which year?

Himachal was earlier a union territory, but after the State of Himachal Pradesh Act 1971, Himachal emerged as the 18th state of the Republic of India.


‘Manikaran hot water springs’ are present in which district of Himachal Pradesh?

Manikaran is located in the Parvati Valley on river Parvati, northeast of Bhuntar in the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh.This small town attracts tourists visiting Manali and Kullu to its hot springs and pilgrim centres.


With reference to culture and tradition of Himacha Pradesh, what are Kayang, Bakayang and Banyangchu?

Kayang, Bakayang and Banyangchu are folk dances of Himachal Pradesh.


‘Masroor Rock Cut Temple’, a unique monolithic structure is present in which district of Himachal Pradesh?

Masroor Rock Cut Temple’, a unique monolithic structure is present in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.


Which of the following mountain pass lies in Himachal Pradesh?
[A]Rohtang Pass
[B]Nathu La Pass
[C]Dongkha la
[D]Khunjerab Pass

Rohtang Pass
Rohtang connects the Kullu Valley with the Lahul and Spiti valleys.Rohtang Pass, the ‘Highest Jeepable Road in the World’, is a lofty mountain pathway which is an important tourist destination during summers.


The Chail cricket stadium is located in which district of Himachal Pradesh?

The Chail cricket stadium of Himachal Pradesh is the highest cricket ground in the world.


Which of the following is the largest district (area wise) of Himachal Pradesh?
[A]Lahaul and Spiti

Lahaul and Spiti
Lahaul and Spiti with an area of 13,835 km square is the largest district of 12 districts of Himachal Pradesh.