World's first ever mission to Moon's South Pole Planned for 2016

The International Lunar Observatory Association and Moon Express announced first mission to the south pole of the moon in 2016 at NASA Lunar Science Institute conference at NASA ‘s Ames Research Center.

 Objective of the Mission:

  • It will be a scientific as well as commercial mission.
  • To install a permanent telescope on the lunar surface to assist professional research.
  • To deliver the International Lunar Observatory (ILO) aboard a Moon Express Robotic Lander.
  • Moon Express is aiming to discover the moon’s South Pole for mineral resources and water. Lunar probes have provided substantial indication of mineral and volatile deposits in the Moon’s southern polar region where energy and resources may be plentiful.

 International Lunar Observatory Instrument and its use:

  • ILOA and Space Age Publishing Company have been founded by Steve Durst.
  • ILO which is a 2 meter dish antenna will help in carrying out International astrophysical observations and communications from the lunar surface thus providing commercial broadcasting, scientific research and enabling Galaxy 21st Century education and “citizen science” on the Moon.
  • ILO will display the scientific study of the galaxy, moon, earth, sun and stars  The ILO and its originator will have an internet based access and control system.

 Space Age Publishing Company

  • It aims to broadcast its Lunar Enterprise Daily and Space Calendar weekly via the ILO. This mission would help in humanity’s growth as a multi-world species.

Moon Express will send a sequence of robotic missions to the Moon in support of commerce science and exploration starting in 2015.