World’s Largest Plasma Therapy Trial under Project ‘Platina’ launched by Maharashtra

The World’s largest Convalescent Plasma Therapy Trial project was launch on 29th June 2020 by the Maharashtra State Government.  The name of the project is Platina. The project was virtually launched by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray.

For this trial project, the Indian Council of Medical Research has given the approval to conduct plasma therapy in COVID-19 positive patients admitted in the 21 COVID-19 hospitals of the Maharashtra State Government.

Project Platina

In the absence of a definite treatment or drugs for the COVID-19 positive patients, Convalescent Plasma Therapy has shown encouraging results on patients across the world. As Maharashtra has been the worst-hit state in India by the COVID-19 pandemic, trial under project Platina will help in creating a robust data for the use of Convalescent Plasma Therapy. The project will also help in establishing an infrastructure for plasma treatment in the state.

Costs of Plasma Therapy trials under the project will be borne by the State Government of Maharashtra. From Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, Rs 16.85 crores have been sanctioned for the project.

Under the trial project, two doses of 200 ml of convalescent plasma will be given to all critical patients in 21 State Government-run COVID-19 Hospitals of Maharashtra.

Plasma Therapy

A person who has recovered successfully from the COVID-19 infection can donate his/her plasma. In the case of COVID-19, Convalescent Plasma is used to transfer antibodies to the patient suffering from the COVID-19 virus. This helps the patient’s body to develop similar antibodies for fighting the COVID-19 virus.



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