World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 of October Every year with a specific theme by World Health Organization, World Federation for Mental Health and other member organizations of WFMH. The theme for this year is ‘Mental health promotion and suicide prevention’. World Mental Health Day, 2019 aims to create awareness and fight the social stigma of ignorance about mental health problems.

World Mental Health Day was observed for the first time in 1992 by then Deputy secretary of WFMH Richard Hunter. The theme culture for World Mental Health Day was started in 1994 on the suggestion of then secretary general Eugene Brody and the theme was ‘Improving quality of Mental Health services throughout the world’

’40 Seconds of Action’ campaign:

WHO has launched 40 seconds awareness campaign to create widespread awareness about mental health and prevention of suicides. The goal of this campaign is to make every individual aware about how he/ she can play their part in preventing suicides. People are encouraged to give at least 40 seconds of their time to help out some depressed one. Those 40 seconds can be utilized to talk to others about mental health; can talk to a depressed one to let him know that he/she is not alone; can talk to leaders to take action on improvement of mental health etc. This campaign was launched on World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10, 2019) and is ought to get over today on World Mental Health Day

Why ’40 seconds’?

According to WHO around 800,000 people are reported to commit suicide i.e. one person every 40 seconds ends his/ her life to mental stress. Hence this campaign’s name also highlights this statistics along with urging people to work together on mental health issues.


  • Out of the total 800,000 suicidal deaths occurring world wide per year around 17% are reported in India.
  • After physical health issues suicide is second biggest reason for deaths around the globe.


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