World Agri-Tourism Day

Every year the World Agri-Tourism Day is celebrated on May 16. This year, on the fourteenth World Agri-Tourism Day, Government of Maharashtra, Agri-Tourism Development Corporation is to organise International Conference on Agri-Tourism.  In 2021, the day is to be celebrated under the following theme

Theme: Rural Women Sustainable Entrepreneurship Opportunities through Agri Tourism

Agri Tourism Development Corporation

  • It was established in 2005.
  • It mainly implements the Agri Tourism Project. The project is implemented in a village near Pune in about 28 acres.

What is Agri-Tourism?

In Agri-Tourism the urban tourists stay in farmers home. During their stay they engage in farming activities, tractor ride, bullock cart ride. Also, they enjoy folk songs and dances. They buy fresh farm produce.

In return, the farmers greet the tourists, provide accommodation and entertain them during their stay. This acts as an additional income for the farmers. Also, it employs the local youths as tourist guides. This way the programme provides employment opportunities as well.


The Agriculture Tourism Development Corporation survey says that around 0.56 million tourists visited the Agri-Tourism Centres. This increased to 0.61 million in 2019 and 0.78 million in 2020.

About the conference

This year, National and international stakeholders from South Africa, Scotland and Philippines are to participate in the conference. They are to discuss on agri-tourism, sustainable opportunities for women, etc.


  • Maharashtra is the pioneer state to develop and promote agri-tourism in the country.
  • In September 2020, Maharashtra passed Agro-Tourism policy. This aims to provide the tourists the pleasure of farming and also help increase farmer income.




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