WHO resumes Hydroxychloroquine Study

On June 4, 2020, the World Health Organization resumed its clinical trials on exploring whether the Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) drug is effective in treating COVID-19.


The clinical trial on Malaria Drug HCQ was earlier put on hold by the World Health Organization raising concerns of its efficacy.

Why were the trials put off?

The clinical trials were put off by the world organization considering the safety of the patients. WHO raised concerns about people in different parts of the world taking the drugs without proper medical guidance.

Why are the trials resumed now?

The trials were paused to analyze the results of using the drugs so far. The board set up by the WHO has reviewed the available mortality data of COVID-19 and now found that there are no reasons to stop the trials. There are more than 400 hospitals that are participating in the trials from 35 countries. It includes hospitals from Gujarat as well.

Why did the issue begin?

The Food and Drug Administration of US and other chief editorials like the Lancet have warned about the use of drugs without the advice of a medical professional. Thus, the WHO stepped in to make sure if the trials can be proceeded based on the success rate of the drug so far.




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