Whistleblowers Protection Bill 2014: Passed by Parliament to encourage those disclosing information on corrupt public servants

The Parliament of India approved the Whistleblowers Protection Bill 2014 to set up a mechanism to encourage persons for disclosure of information on corruption or willful misuse of power by public servants. The bill also seeks to provide punishment for false or frivolous complaints. Recently, the Rajya Sabha gave its nod to the bill without any amendment after keeping it pending  for more than two years. The Lok Sabha had passed the bill in 2011. 

About Whistle-blowers Protection Bill 2014
  • Objective: To provide and protect mechanism, methodologies to encourage the person for reporting any such corruption activities or any misuse of power by a bureaucrats or government officer.
  • Will provide an adequate protection to persons reporting corruption or wilful misuse of discretion which causes demonstrable loss to the government or commission of a criminal offence by a public servant.
  • Sets the procedure to inquire into the disclosures and provides adequate safeguards against victimisation of the whistleblower. It will also seek to provide punishment for false or frivolous complaints. 

Note: The bill would create a legal framework to investigate and prosecute cases of corruption involving government officials.



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