What is special protection group (SPG)?

The Special Protection Group (SPG) Act, came into force on 1st August 1988 to provide security to the Prime Minister of India.

In 1991, following the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, the SPG Act was amended to provide security to the immediate family of the Prime Minister in charge and to the former Prime Minister and members of his/her immediate family for a period of 10 years from the date at which the former Prime Minister ceased to hold office.

In 1999, parliament winter session, Act was amended, the SPG cover family of Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was only up to 1st December 1991, as Rajiv’s Gandhi term as the Prime Minister ended on 2nd December 1989 and as per the amendment of the Act in 1991 ten years were about to expire.

The Act was amended for period beyond ten years that the Former Prime Minister or any immediate member of his/her family will continue to get the security on the basis of level of threat. The Central Government would consider the following factors while assessing the level of threat – (I) threat from any militant or terrorist organization, and (II)the threat is of grave and continuing nature.

In the winter session of the parliament of 2019, the SPG Act amendment bill will be introduced in the Lok Sabha.


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