What is Sir Creek Issue between India and Pakistan?

Recently at the WION’s Global Summit held in Dubal, the Pakistan representative, Minister Kasturi recalled Sir Creeek Pact. The summit was organized under the theme

Theme: Navigating and Negotiating Global Imperatives

What is Sir Creek issue?

The issue between India and Pakistan over Sir Creek is the interpretation of boundary between Sindh and Kutch. The region was under the jurisdiction of Bombay Presidency during British rule. After independence, Kutch came under India and Sindh under Pakistan. But Pakistan claims entire creek as per the agreement signed between Rao Maharaj of Kutch and Government of Sindh in 1914.

India’s claims

India does not agree to the claims of Pakistan as when the issue arose, in 1908, the entire region of the Creek was under Bombay Presidency. India also cited an International Maritime Law, the Thalweg Doctrine to prove its point

Thalweg Doctrine

The Doctrine states that river boundaries between two states or countries shall be divided in the middle of the water body, if the body is navigable through out the year.

What is Sir Creek?

Sir Creek is a 96-km long water strip in the marshlands of Rann of Kutch. It was earlier called Ban Ganga. Later it was named after Sir Creek, a British representative to India. The Creek opens into Arabian Sea.




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