Weyan: 1st Village to Vaccinate 100% Adult Population

Weyan, a remote village in Bandipora district of Jammu & Kashmir became India’s first village to vaccinate all its adult population against COVID-19.


  • This successful vaccination drive in village was the result of healthcare workers.
  • Village, located 28 kilometres away from Bandipora district, has an adult population of 362.
  • In village, distance of 18 kilometres is required to cover by foot as there is no motorable road.
  • Village was covered under ‘J & K model’, which is a 10-point strategy to vaccinate entire population.
  • Under the model, first strategy is booth-level management which involves preparation of eligible population list. It is followed by “Vaccine on Wheels” under which health officials reaches out to people in far-flung areas to vaccinate them.

What were the challenges?

Vaccination in the remote village was difficult and challenging as village comprises of nomadic families who go to higher reaches to graze their livestock. There is no internet access in village. Thus, it was not possible for them to get appointments on cowin portal to get vaccination.

Vaccine Hesitancy

Initially, there were vaccine hesitancy. Despite that, J&K has achieved 70 percent vaccination in 45+ age group which is almost double of nation’s average.




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