WCD Ministry formed 4745 SHGs in UP and Bihar under ‘PRIYADARSHINI’ scheme

The Ministry Women and Child Development (WCD) has supported 4745 Self Help Groups (SHGs) under its project Priyadarshini. The pilot project is being administered by the Ministry in 13 blocks spread across 5 districts in Uttar Pradesh and 2 districts in Bihar. Also, 2534 SHGs have been savings linked-1243 in Bihar and 1291 in Uttar Pradesh. To promote the project Rs 15 crore has been sanctioned for the year 2012-13.

  • A pilot project for Women Empowerment and Livelihood Programme in Mid- Gangetic Plains which is currently being implemented in UP and Bihar.
  • It will also empower the beneficiaries to address their political, legal, health problems issues through rigorous capacity building.
  • Target to cover over 1,00,000 households and form 7,200 SHGs during the project period 2016-17.
  • Target to establish total 48 Community Service Centres (CSCs) in entire project period. So far, NABARD has set up 3 fully operational CSCs per block which makes total 39 CSCs.



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