Uttar Pradesh Nargis Yadav: The 7 Billionth Baby

  • Nargis Yadav of Dauraha village near Lucknow was declared the symbolic seven billionth resident of the world recently.
  • It was not possible for anyone to claim that one child is the seven billionth baby, so United National Population Fund had estimated that the world’s population would breach the seven billion mark on October 31, and it was decided to celebrate the arrival of the first girl child at various locations across the globe on this day and call them seven billionth baby. Thus, Nargis is a symbolic 7 billionth child.
  • In 1999, the United Nations had designated Bosnian baby Lorrize Mae Guevarra as the world’s six billionth resident.
  • This time, however, it decided not to weigh in, encouraging individual countries, instead, to identify their own “symbolic” seven billionth baby. As a result, news of the arrivals of several seven billionth children poured in from various corners of the globe, including at least three claims from within UP.



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