US successfully tests Hypersonic Missile Technology

The United States has successfully tested the hypersonic missile technology on October 20, 2021.


  • Hypersonic Missile Technology is a new weapons system which is already being deployed by Russia and China.
  • The test was conducted at a NASA facility in Wallops, Virginia.
  • It is a significant step in development of a Navy-designed common hypersonic missile.
  • This test by US demonstrated advanced hypersonic technologies, prototype systems and capabilities in a realistic operating environment.
  • Hypersonic missiles such as traditional ballistic missiles can fly at five times the speed of sound that is, Mach 5.
  • These missiles are more manoeuvrable as compared to their ballistic counterparts.

Purpose of the Missile

Missile will be used to trace a low trajectory in atmosphere by making them harder to defend.

China’s Hypersonic Missile

China had conducted a test of Hypersonic Missile with nuclear capacity in August 2021. China’s hypersonic missile completed a circuit of Earth before landing. However, it missed its target. According to China, it was a routine test for a spacecraft rather than a missile. China launched hypersonic medium-range missile called “DF-17” in the year 2019. This hypersonic missile can travel about 2000 kilometres and can carry nuclear warheads.

Russia’s Hypersonic Missile

Russia also launched a hypersonic missile called the Zircon, recently. It was launched from a submarine. It also has Avangard Missiles in service since late 2019. The Avangard can travel at a speed up to Mach 27.




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