US stops funding relocation projects from Protected Areas: Effects on India

The United States recently stopped its 12 million USD funding to World Wildlife Fund, Wildlife Conservation Society and other conservation NGOs.

Why the stoppage?

According to the United States Government, the international organizations have been abusing the local people, torturing them to leave their lands. These abuses and illegal actions were hidden by the NGOs to the US Government. Thus, the US Government is stopping its funding to these organizations.

Effects on India

The move will affect the projects being carried out by the World Conservation Society in Nagarhole National Park. The organization has been using the funds from USA to carry out the evacuation process. The villagers of Jenu Kuruba of Karnataka are one of the indigenous dwellers to approach the US to stop its funding to these organizaitons.

The protected areas comprise of national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and conservation reserves. In order to protect the biodiversity and wildlife in these areas, the indigenous forest-dwelling communities are relocated to non-protected areas.

Protected Areas in India

There are 4 categories of protected areas in India. They are Sanctuaries, national parks, conservation reserves and community reserves. There are 662 protected areas in India. The protected area categories are listed in Wildlife (Protection) Amendment Act, 2002. The subject of forest and wildlife are listed under Concurrent List. This means that it is the responsibility of both central and state government to conserve them.

World Wildlife Fund

It is an international Non-Governmental Organization that works on reduction of human impact on environment. The Living Planet report is published by the organization for every two years.

The organization is of great help to India in conserving its biodiversity. The WWF mainly supports India in census. The recent tiger census, the annual bird census, gangetic dolphin census were all conducted with the help of WWF. Therefore, the stoppage in funding by the US to the organization will affect India’s bio-conservation efforts.




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