US Leaders Summit: Xi Jing Ping to attend the Summit

The Chinese President Xi Jing Ping is to attend the US Leaders Summit that is to be held on World Earth Day (April 22). Also, Xi Jing Ping will deliver an important speech at the summit. Apart from China, over forty leaders are to attend the summit. This includes PM Modi of India as well. The summit is expected to be a key milestone on the road to United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26).

Russian President Vladimir Putin will also attend the summit and deliver an address.

India at the Summit

There have been several debates if India should announce “Net-Zero” emission during the summit. India will have to take heavier burden if it commits to adopt net-zero emission by 2050.

What should India do to achieve Net-Zero Emission?

  • India should adopt sectoral low-carbon development pathways. This will help in job creation, low pollution, competitiveness.
  • The Electricity sector should be decarbonised. It is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the country. Over 40% of the total greenhouse gas emissions is from the electricity production. That is, electricity produced from carbon sources.
  • India should pledge that it will not increase its coal-fired power capacity.
  • More innovative technologies should be adopted especially in electricity storage and smart grids.
  • A multi-stakeholder Commission shall be established. It should represent all levels of governments and affected communities. The Commission should work towards ensuring decent livelihood to the most affected people (due to the transitions). This is because, the transition costs of low-carbon future should not fall on the backs of the Indian poor.




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