US court blocks Apple in Google battle

As per the ruling from Chicago federal court, US:

  • Apple Inc. cannot pursue an injunction against Google’s Motorola Mobility unit.

– The court dismissed the lawsuit b/w Apple and Motorola Mobility with prejudice, implying that it can’t be re-filed.

Apple had hoped a decision against Motorola that would have helped it gain ascendancy in the smartphone market against Android.

Both parties have the option to appeal the ruling.


  • Motorola filed lawsuit against Apple in October 2010, a move that was widely considered as a preventive strike against an imminent Apple lawsuit.
  • Apple filed its own claims against Motorola the same month.
  • Apple had claimed an injunction banning the sale of Motorola products that use Apple’s patented technology.


– But the court ruled that neither party is entitled to an injunction.

– The court found the injunction inapt since Motorola could design around the minor technological features covered by Apple’s patents.

– The Court also noticed that imposing an injunction would be an inappropriate bonanza for Apple and would be major damage to Motorola.

– As per the court Apple could not clearly prove that Motorola phones caused a loss of consumer goodwill significant enough for an injunction.

– The court was still asserting the Motorola claim against Apple



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