US Cargo Spacecraft Cygnus Released from ISS

The US cargo spacecraft Cygnus was released from the International Space Station (ISS) on 8th February.

About Cygnus

  • The Cygnus is an American automated cargo spacecraft developed by Orbital Sciences.
  • It is built and launched by the Northrop Grumman (an American global aerospace and defense technology company).
  • It is part of NASA’s Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) developmental program. The COTS is a NASA program started in 2006 that coordinates the delivery of crew and cargo to the International Space Station by private companies
  • The departure of Cygnus is a part of Expedition 58
About the International Space Station (ISS)
  • The ISS is a habitable artificial satellite in LEO or Low Earth Orbit
  • With its first component being launched into orbit in 1998, its first long-term residents started arriving since 2000
  • The ISS has to be serviced time to time by various spacecrafts : Soyuz and Progress (Russian); Dragon and Cygnus (American), H-II Transfer Vehicle and Space Shuttle (American spacecraft that has been retired in 2011); Automated Transfer Vehicle (European spacecraft that retired in 2014)
  • These aircrafts bring cargo and astronauts to the ISS in proper time interval.
About the Expedition 58
  • It is the 58th Expedition of the ISS
  • On December 3, 2018, cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko (commander) and astronauts Anne McClain and David Saint-Jacques (flight engineers) were launched to the ISS onboard the Soyuz MS-11 spacecraft.
  • Numerous science and research studies have been carried out including the Refrabicator.
  • The Refabricator is the first-ever 3D printer and recycler that will be integrated into a user-friendly machine which will be installed in the ISS. It will recycle waste plastic and previous 3D parts into high-quality filament or 3D printer “ink”


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