Update : Laws on Mob Lynching in India

To curb the rising menace of mob lynching in Uttar Pradesh, the UP Law Commission has submitted the draft of a Bill to punish the perpetrators of the mob lynching incidents.

In a submission by the Commission chairman Justice (retired), A.N. Mittal, the UP Law Commission has taken cognizance of the increasing number of mob lynching incidents( predominately by the cow vigilantes) in the state and submitted a report on mob lynching, along with the draft Bill to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. The draft bill recommends up to life imprisonment for the crime of mob lynching.

What is in the draft bill?

  • A 128-page report has cited various cases of lynching in the State and has also recommended the immediate enactment of law as per recommendations made by the Supreme Court in 2018 as the present laws to combat lynchings were not sufficient.
  • The draft bill has recommended a punishment ranging from seven years to life imprisonment for the offense.
  • In the law (which may be called the Uttar Pradesh Combating of Mob Lynching Act), the UP Law Commission has specified the responsibilities of police officers & District Magistrates and has spelled out the punishment if they fail in performing their duty.
  • The law may also provide for the compensation to the family of the victim in case of grievous injury or loss of life and property along with provisions for the rehabilitation of the victims and their families.

Why is it necessary?

As per the data available between 2012-2019, about 50 incidents of mob violence took place in the State causing 11 deaths. Over half of these cases were of a major assault.

Other states with Similar laws

Currently, only Manipur has a law against lynchings while Madhya Pradesh may soon bring out a similar law too.

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