United Nations Development Programme releases Gender Social Norms Index

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) recently released the Gender Social Norms Index. It measures the social beliefs that obstruct Gender Equality.

Key Findings of the Report

The report consists of data collected from more than 75 countries covering 80% of world population. According to the report, half of the world population believe that men are better political leaders. It also says that more than 40% of the world population believe that men have more rights to get a job when jobs are scarce. Today, only 24% of parliamentary seats are held by women.


According to UNDP previous reports, Gender Inequality Rank (2018) was 122. As per 2015 UNDP report, the MMR (Maternal Mortality Ratio) was 174 per 1 lakh live births.

Beijing Declaration

This year 2020, marks 25th anniversary of Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. It was signed in Beijing during the fourth World Conference on Women in 1995. Therefore, the UNDP is calling the member countries to actively participate in events and take actions in promoting Gender Equality.




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