Union Tourism Ministry launches NMA’s NOAPS web portal

Union Tourism Ministry has launched National Monuments Authority Web Portal called NOC Online Application and Processing System (NOAPS).
The web portal will provide single window clearance for applicants to get no-objection certificates (NoC) within six working days for construction-related works near the 3,686 protected monuments in the country.
Under the present rules, hundred meters area around the monument is a prohibited zone.  While the area between 100 to 300 metres is regulated zone for which no-objection certificate is needed for construction-related works. The time limit for availing NoC was 90 days.
Key facts

  • The portal uses the technology of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for mapping-related service.
  • Using it the applicant needs to fill up a single form which will be sent to the concerned agencies by the local body from whom no objection certificate is required. T
  • In the initial phase, the web portal integrates NMA’s portal with the online portal of local bodies of Delhi and Mumbai.
  • Government also has developed user friendly Mobile App which can be downloaded free of cost by an applicant.
  • The application can use the app to upload the geo coordinates of his plot which falls within the prohibited and regulated area of the monument.

However, large projects involving construction of building beyond 2000 square metres have been kept out of the purview of this single window clearance system, keeping in view their possible impact on the Monument or the site.



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