Union Cabinet Okays fresh amendments to Code of Conduct for ministers

In a bid to curb the misuse of bureaucrats by ministers for political motives, both at the Centre and in the states, the government approved fresh amendments to a 50-year-old Code of Conduct for Ministers.

What are the approved amendments to the Code of Conduct for Ministers?

As a fresh amendment to the Code of Conduct for Ministers (CCM), a new clause aimed at checking the political executive from misusing bureaucrats for political purposes will be added to the CCM. As per Cabinet’s proposal, it will also help check civil servants from cultivating political backing. The new Paragraph 2 (f) will now read as: “After taking office, and so long as he remains in office, the minister shall:- uphold the political impartiality of the civil services and not ask the civil servants to act in any way which would conflict with the duties and responsibilities of the civil servants.”

Does Code of Conduct for Ministers have legal backing?

No. The CCM for Union Ministers, Chief Ministers and Ministers of the respective state governments has no legal backing. However, the current proposal expects all the ministers to adhere to the instructions mentioned in the document scrupulously. ,

When will the fresh CCM come into effect?

While the new clause will come into effect at the Centre immediately, it will be sent to the state governments for their adoption.



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