Union Cabinet gives nod to an Ordinance to regularise unauthorised colonies in Delhi

The Union Cabinet has given its nod to an Ordinance regarding Delhi Laws (Special Provisions) Amendment Bill, 2014. It seeks to extend the cut-off date for regularisation of illegal colonies from March 2002 to June 2014 in Delhi.
The ordinance was approved in a Cabinet meet chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi and will amend National Capital Territory of Delhi Laws (Special Provisions) Second Act, 2011 which aims to regularise illegally constructed colonies in Delhi.
Implication: It will provide relief to 60 lakh people who are residing in nearly 2,000 unauthorised colonies in Delhi.
Earlier then UPA government had considered 895 of 1,639 colonies eligible for regularization. But this Cabinet nod for extending the cut-off date will pave way for regulising these 1,639 colonies plus another 300 colonies that have come up since March 2002.



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