UN to draft new international treaty on cyber crime

The United Nations on December 27, 2019, approved a new resolution in order to draft an international treaty to combat cyber crime.


Under the new draft, an expert committee will be established. It includes all regions of the world and will meet in August 2020. The Russian drafted resolution was approved by 193 member countries.

The United States suggests that the world should expand the accord on existing 2001 Budapest Convention.

Budapest Convention

The Budapest Convention was the first ever treaty on cyber crime that addressed internet and computer crimes. It was drawn by Council of Europe. At present, it is the only treaty of cyber crime under the United Nations. Countries like India and Brazil have not adopted the convention on the grounds that they did not participate in its drafting.

Council of Europe

It is an international organization that aims to uphold human rights in Europe. IT was founded in 1949. There are around 47 member states associated with the organization. It is totally independent of European Union though it has adopted its flag and partly adopted its flag.




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