UN launches Global Humanitarian Response Plan to fight against COVID-19

On March 25, 2020, the United Nations launched Global Humanitarian Response Plan to fight against COVID-19. The organization has allocated 2 billion USD to implement the plan. The plan has been launched in 51 countries of Africa, South America, Middle East and also Asia.


The plan is to be implemented by the United Nations in direct collaboration with international NGOs. Under the plan, the organization is to deliver essential medical supplies and laboratory equipment to test the virus. It is to install hand washing stations in different settlements.

Also, public information campaigns are to be launched. The campaigns will create awareness among people to save themselves and also save others.


The plan is to target poor countries that lack widely spread health initiatives. The virus has so far killed 16,000 and has infected more than 400,000. It has spread across the entire world and is now spreading to countries that are already facing humanitarian concerns.




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