Tripura government launches Notun Disha initiative to provide training to teachers

The Tripura government has launched a one-month project – Notun Disha (new direction) to provide training to school teachers. In it, the state government has decided to distribute laptops to 800 school teachers to assess the level of students’ development in different disciplines. Here, 800 teachers would be selected for the training, and selected NGOs, societies or educational institutions would provide them training. In February 2019, the state government held a survey to assess the educational status of students between third and eighth standard in government schools. The survey report has revealed that 60% of students (equal to 51,599) in the fifth standard cannot read Bengali language textbook from the second standard. Apart from this, as per the survey, 46% of the surveyed students cannot do subtraction and 81% students do not know how to solve division problems. Hence, the aim of the Notun Disha is to make the students efficient and capable in all subjects from the 3rd to 8th standard.


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