Train 18 India’s first engine-less train

India’s first engine-less train “Train 18” is set to hit the tracks for trials on October 29, which is designed and manufactured by the Chennai-based Integral Coach Factory (ICF) at a cost of Rs 100 crore. It is being regarded as a successor to the 30-year-old Shatabdi Express. The swanky 16-coach prototype without a locomotive (engine) will cut travel time by 15% compared to the Shatabdi.Train 18 is driven by a self-propulsion module sans a separate locomotive & is capable of running at a speed of up to 160 kmph. It comes with technical features for enhanced quick acceleration. The train 18 has diffused lighting, automatic doors and footsteps besides GPS-based Passenger Information System. The footstep in a coach’s doorway slides outward when the train stops at a station enabling passengers to alight safely with comfort in view of the variation in height between a train’s floor and the platform. Shatabdi was introduced in 1988 and is presently running on over 20 routes connecting metros with other important cities.


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