Tourism Development in India

The Minister for Tourism and Culture along with the other senior officials of both the ministries called upon the 15th Finance Commission to suggest their points and financial requirements for the development of tourism in the country.

?What has happened?

  • The delegation from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture called upon the 15th Finance Commission which has been made responsible for disbursing the funds.
  • The 15th Finance Commission is headed by the NK Singh.
  • The Chairman of the Finance Commission came to the observation that while growth of the Tourism and Culture sectors is imperative as they generate a lot of jobs, spread income in the region and allow for the greater social integration of the nation.
  • The development of tourism also leads to an increase in foreign tourism which leads to an increase in foreign reserves of a nation.
  • The Chairman, however, stated that the 15th Finance Commission is aware of the challenges before the two sectors of the sectors. They are of the belief that the issues are structural and a result of past practices.
  • The commission has hence recommended that changes need to be made in the old and dated ASI Act 1958.
  • The involvement of private sector should be encouraged and to ensure the proper upkeep and protection of the monuments.

What more can be done?

India has a great opportunity to develop niche tourism products like Medical tourism leveraging its traditional strength in medicines, yoga and Ayurveda.


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