Top 5 Current Affairs Questions on Shirui Kashong Peak

Shirui Kashong Peak is one of the tourist attraction located in Ukhrul district of Manipur. It is 2,835 m above sea level. The peak has two major attractions- Shirui lilies and the rivers flowing across Ukhrul.

Q1. Where is the Shirui Kashong Peak located?

Ukhrul district, Manipur

Q2. What is the major attraction of Shirui Kashong Peak?

Rare Lilium mackliniae (Shirui lilies) and rivers in Ukhrul district

Q3. What is the population of Shirui?

Shirui is divided in two villages- Shirui ato and Shirui aze. Shirui ato has 100 households with the total of 472 people and Shirui aze has 184 households with the total of 793 people.

Q4. What language do the local people of Shirui speak?

Shirui dialect which belongs to the Tibeto-Burman language family

Q5. Name the week-long festival celebrated at Shirui which has also been declared as state festival?

The name of the festival is- Shirui Lily Festival. It was declared state festival in 2017.




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