Tejas test-fires missile successfully

India’s first indigenously designed and developed Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas successfully launched an infrared seeking air-to-air missile that hit its target with precision.
With the success achieved in the test, the plan to induct the aircraft in the Indian Air Force has moved further.

About LCA Tejas

The LCA was christened Tejas (Radiance) by Prime Minister AB Vajpayee in June 2004. The Indian Light Combat Aircraft (LCA – sometimes called Last Chance Aircraft) is the world’s smallest, light weight, multi-role combat aircraft.
The aircraft is designed to meet the requirements of Indian Air Force as its frontline multi-mission single-seat tactical aircraft to replace the MiG-21 series of aircraft. The delta wing configuration, with no tailplanes or foreplanes, features a single vertical fin. The LCA is constructed of aluminium-lithium alloys, carbon-fibre composites, and titanium and it integrates modern design concepts and the state-of-art technologies such as relaxed static stability, flyby-wire Flight Control System, Advanced Digital Cockpit, Multi-Mode Radar, Integrated Digital Avionics System, Advanced Composite Material Structures and a Flat Rated Engine.
The LCA program was launched in 1985. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is the Principal Partner in the design and fabrication of LCA and its integration leading to flight testing.



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