Tamu Massif: Largest volcano on Earth discovered

Scientists have found the single largest volcano in the world called Tamu Massif- a dead colossus deep beneath the Pacific Ocean. It is spanned across over an area of 310000 sq km and can be compared with Mars’ Olymus Mons volcano, the largest in the Solar System. The volcano was located around 2 km below the ocean. Previously, Mauna Loa in Hawaii was considered the largest volcano on Earth.

About Tamu Massif:
  • It is an extinct submarine shield volcano located in the northwestern Pacific Ocean.
  • It is largest known volcano on Earth.
  • It is located in the Shatsky Rise about 1,600 km (990 mi) east of Japan.
  • Its summit lies about 1,980 m below the surface of the sea, and its base extends to a depth of about 6.4 km.The volcano is about 4,460 metres tall.



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