Survey ranks Mumbai as world’s second most honest city after Helsinki

As per a survey conducted in various cities across the world, India’s financial capital Mumbai performed better than some of the big of the world and stood as the second most honest city in the world.

How was the honesty survey conducted?

The experiment was carried out in 16 cities across four continents with 192 lost wallets, dropped in crowded places like shopping malls, sidewalks and parks in cities as diverse as New York and Zurich. Each of the wallets contained an amount equivalent to Rs 3,000 (in local currency), a cell phone number, business cards and a family photo. It was to be observed that how many of the lost wallets are returned back by their finders.
Results of the experiment:

  • Helsinki, capital of Finland, topped the list of honest cities returning 11 of the 12 wallets.
  • On an average, Mumbaikar returned 9 out of 12 wallets.
    Zurich, returned only 4 out of 12 wallets.
  • London, 7 of the 12 wallets came back.
  • Warsaw and Berlin returned 5 and 6 wallets respectively.
  • Prague, only 4 of the 12 wallets made it back.
  • Madrid, 10 were never returned.
  • Bucharest and Rio returned 1/3rd of the lost wallets.
  • Budapest and New Yorkers returned 8 of the 12 wallets.
  • Lisbon in Portugal was the most dishonest city with 1 wallet returned and that too by a foreigner.
  • Globally, around 47% – or nearly half of the wallets were returned.



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