SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket successfully launches Jason-3 Ocean-monitoring satellite

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has successfully launched the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying Jason-3 Ocean-monitoring satellite.
It was launched from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base and the satellite has been successfully inserted it in the desired orbit. Jason-3 is the 4th mission in the joint US-European series of satellite missions that measure the height of the ocean surface.
Key facts

  • Jason-3 has been incorporated with radar altimeter that will measure sea-level variations of oceans across the world with very high accuracy.
  • It will examine the topography of the ocean floor to help study effects of climate change or human-induced changes on the ocean.
  • It will also seek to boost hurricane forecasting and marine navigation. It will provide scientists with critical information about ocean circulation patterns.
  • It will also provide information about both global and regional changes in sea level and the climate implications of a warming world.

Earlier launched two satellites of Jason mission are Jason-1 and Jason-2 OSTM which were launched in 2001 and 2008 respectively.

About SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket

  • Falcon 9 rocket is a two-stage rocket designed and manufactured by Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX). It is a private space transport services company.
  • It is basically used for the reliable and safe transport of satellites and is powered by liquid oxygen (LOX) and rocket-grade kerosene (RP-1) propellants.



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