Smart Cities Mission completes 5 years

On June 25, 2020, the Smart Cities Mission completed its 5 years. In order to celebrate the success, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs launched an online event. The event highlighted the progress, achievements and outcomes of Smart Cities Mission.

Smart Cities Mission

The SCM was launched on June 25, 2015. It aimed to provide clean and sustainable environment to the citizens living in the cities through smart solution. It also aims to provide decent high quality life to its citizens through technology based solutions.


Under the Smart City Mission, projects worth Rs 1,66,000 crores has been implemented. The Integrated Command and Control Centres that were developed under the Smart Cities Mission helped cities to fight against COVID-19. Around 47 ICCC were established and they became war rooms of COVID-19.

Programmes under SCM

  • TULIP: Tulip was The Urban Learning Internship Programme. It was designed for the Urban Local Bodies to engage the graduates in the region as interns. So far, 25,000 students have been registered.
  • Climate Smart Cities and Data Smart Cities are the key initiatives of the SCM. They help in institutional capacity building, data driven performance management and urban innovation.
  • Sister Cities: Around 20 cities were paired as “Sister Cities”. A good performing city was paired with the least performing. This will create enthusiasm to help each other.
  • In order to foster startup culture in cities, Smart Cities Mission was paired up with Invest India and AGNI.




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