Sikkim is India’s greenest state

As per an official data, Sikkim is India’s Greenest State with a forest cover 47.3% of its total geographical area and is more than double the national average of 21 %.
The state government has fixed a target of bringing an additional 1,000 hectares of land under forest cover during the 12th Five Year Plan period (2012—17).

A Comparison of Sikkim in Green terms:
  • The state has 500 sq km area under very dense forests which is 7.05 %.
  • It has 2,161 sq km area under moderately dense which is 30.45%
  • 698 sq km of its area is under open forests which is 9.84%

The above figures are significantly higher than the national average of 2.54 % very dense forests, 9.76% moderately dense and 8.73 % open forests.

Who owns the credit of keeping Sikkim green?

Sikkim has achieved the distinction of being the greenest state in the country mainly due to various protection and conservation measures like Sikkim Green Mission, Ten Minutes to Earth and Smriti Vans.



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