Serena Williams wins Grand Slam

The top-ranked Serena Williams put on a fabulous show and enthralled her fans by defeating Caroline Wozniacki, 6-3,6-3 to grab the title of US Open which is third in a row and sixth in her life. This made her number of captured Grand Slams to reach 18- number which she had described in an interview to media meant legendary to her.
She wanted to reach the number 18 since long. Also, she admitted to be under extra pressure in this Slam title as her performances had not been upto the mark since in the past season. The expectations were high since the number was critical. Looking at the mounting internal pressure she tried to keep her poise and kept going modest in her statements to the press which can be gauged in her sentiment which she expressed just before the match that she will just try to hang in there against Wozniacki. The words gain more prominence as she had defeated her in 8 out of 9 matches.
The match was close and hard. Wozniacki , the 24 year old had held the number one position for 67 weeks in a row in 2010 and 2011. She however was low apparently after losing in the first round of French Open, the first time she played after her breakup with the golfer Rory McIlroy in May.Ever since she had lost many games against Williams. She was confident in her recent play and performances. Despite her on-court chemistry with Williams, she said to be a great friend with Williams.