SC allows pictures of CMs, Governors, Ministers in Government Advertisements

The Supreme Court has allowed publication of photographs of Governors, Chief Ministers and the Ministers of the department concerned in government advertisements.
Ruling in this regard was given by a SC bench headed by Justice Ranjan Gogoi on pleas by Union Government and states which had sought review of the Supreme Court judgement.
This ruling of Supreme Court has modified its earlier 2015 order which only had permitted photographs of President, Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India (CJI) in the government advertisements.

  • Supreme Court in its May 2015 order had issued Guidelines on Regulating Government Advertisements based on recommendations of Prof NR Madhava Menon Committee.
  • These guidelines had barred publishing photographs of politicians even State Chief Ministers and bureaucrats.
  • It also mandated that official advertisements should not carry the name of any political party, political symbol, logo or flag.
  • The intention of SC for issuing these guidelines was to disassociate politicians with government policy and achievements in order to stop development of a personality cult that would in turn be the antithesis of democratic functioning.



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