Sapien Biosciences: India’s first commercial Bio-Bank

Apollo Hospitals and health science firm Saarum Innovations have entered into a joint venture (JV) to set up the first commercial bio bank of India named as Sapien Biosciences. The joint venture envisages creation of a sophisticated bio bank as well as a personalised medicine company.

Sapien Biosciences consists of collections of high quality and systematically archived human samples which can be used for new clinical and research and development applications.

What is a Bio-bank?

biobank is a type of biorepository that stores biological samples (usually human) for use in research.  This storehouse maintains various kinds of bio-specimens which include purified DNA, plasma, saliva and blood. These samples are catalogued according to genetic as well as other kinds of traits like ethnicity, blood type, gender and age. These specimens and specimen related biological data are accessed by researchers of various organisations and firms for their research studies.

About Sapien Biosciences
  • First commercial bio bank of India
  • JV of Apollo Hospitals and Saarum Innovations
  • It will leverage the pathological and diagnostic data for developing state-of-the-art diagnostics as well as provide world class genetic risk assessment.
    It will facilitate cell-related research assistance to various Pharmaceutical companies.

It will also provide the personalized treatment to patients, which will include detection of the genetic disposition of patients for early diagnosis of diseases.



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