Renowned historian Christopher Alan Bayly  passes away

Sir Christopher Alan Bayly, a renowned historian passed away on 20 April 2015 in Chicago, United States. He was 70.
As a historian he was specialised in global, Indian and British Imperial history. His works were based on the 18th and 19th century India and British imperial.
It also had included the study British imperial in India that led the transformation on colonialism and pre-modern societies and structures.
He was also Professor of History at University of Cambridge, Queen Mary University of London and University of Chicago.  He was Vivekananda Professor at the University of Chicago during 2014-15.
Honour- He was Knighted in 2007 for his contribution to historical scholarship.
Some of his famous books are

  • Local Roots of Indian Politics: Allahabad, 1880-1920 (1975).
  • Rulers, Townsmen and Bazaars: North Indian Society in the Age of British Expansion, 1780-1870 (1983).
  • Indian Society and the Making of the British Empire (1988).
  • Imperial Meridian: The British Empire and the World, 1780-1830 (1989).
  • Empire and Information: Intelligence Gathering and Social Communication in India, 1780-1870 (1996).



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