Red Coral Kukri slighted in Dudhwa tiger reserve

A rare Indian snake species – Red Coral Kukri- has recently sighted in the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve (DTR) after a gap of 82 years. The reptile was first sighted in Dudhwa in 1936 and even its zoological name ‘oligodon Kheriensis’ finds its roots in its Kheri-specific location. According to experts, Red Coral Kukri is a nocturnal non venomous reptile with maximum length of 114 cm. It is known as red coral kukri owing to its red orange colour and its teeth shaped as Nepali ‘khukri’ to break eggs. The species has been sighted in Terai forests of Kheri and Nepal. The Kheri-location specific snake is generally found in the Terai forest, a lowland region in southern Nepal and northern India.


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